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My name is Jefferson Pang

I'm the founder of RewindConnect.

Today, I'd like to share with you my vision, which goes beyond the conventional business narrative to the very essence of what it is to be human.

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Team Hugging

The Mission

I've noticed a startling tendency as technology has developed: real human connection is gradually disappearing to make room for speed and ease. Furthermore, our capacity for socialization, group thinking, and interaction-based behavior sets us apart from animals.

​My path to creating the RewindConnect Community was inspired by a deep-seated belief that we all harbor the potential to lead lives filled with purpose, passion, and prosperity. Observing the landscape of our modern workforce, I saw a glaring divide: the top 10% thriving while the vast majority wrestled with the constraints of traditional career paths and the challenges of entrepreneurship. ​I couldn't ignore the fact that so many around me felt stuck, unfulfilled, or unseen in their professional journeys.​This realization sparked a question: What if there was a community that could bridge the gap?

A space where business owners could find the support and resources to flourish, and where the younger generation could discover that life extends beyond the 9-5, into realms they hadn't dared to dream of?​

RewindConnect is the manifestation of that vision. It's more than just a network; it's a movement towards redefining success, fostering growth mindsets, and celebrating the unique contributions each of us can make to the world.​

To the Business owners who are striving every day to bring their visions to life, and to the Young individuals feeling the pull towards something greater, something more aligned with their values and passions—RewindConnect is for you.

Together, we can navigate the complexities of modern work life, embracing both challenges and opportunities with open arms and innovative minds.​This journey is not just mine; it's ours. I invite you to join us, share your story, and help shape the future of work, community, and personal fulfillment. Let's unlock our collective potential and embark on a path of growth, connection, and discovery.​

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