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Meet The Person Who Inspired My Writing Journey

Have I ever shared with you the story of how I was inspired to write my book?

One significant source of inspiration is Hwee Suan. I stumbled upon her video interview on YouTube, where she candidly shared her personal narrative and book-writing journey.

Hwee Suan embarked on her professional path as a librarian with the National Library of Singapore. By the age of 28, she made a career shift to public relations. She is a proud mother to a 26-year-old and a devoted daughter to her parents. From the age of 41, Hwee Suan ventured into entrepreneurship.

Today, she is not only a writer but also a speaker, trainer, and a leader of leaders. For those connected with her on social media, her adventures in fitness, mountaineering, and hiking are a testament to her fulfilling life. Truly amazing achievement indeed!

I consider myself blessed to have connected with Hwee Suan since then. Both of us are self-published authors, striving to create and offer value to others.

Upon sharing my vision to build a community among business owners and the aspiring young generation, she enthusiastically agreed to join.

Her vibrant energy has been a remarkable addition, and we are both excited about how RewindConnect can add value and support our members in the years to come.

Of course, I only brought this community to life last Thursday. The support from friends for this idea has been invaluable, proving the power and importance of communal encouragement.

Inspirations are everywhere (Check out this article as well!). One never knows where one will find theirs until they start meeting people. This is the essence of RewindConnect. It serves as a platform for fellow business owners who support each other while inspiring younger generations that there's life beyond the 9-5 hustle. It demonstrates that entrepreneurship can be thrilling and fulfilling. Join us if you're an entrepreneur seeking out a supportive community or a young professional looking to be inspired!


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