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An Entrepreneurial Maverick: Meet Ryan

Have you ever caught up with a friend and realized how similar you are, dreaming of achieving great things together? That's exactly how I felt about Ryan.

I first met Ryan in 2017 when we both started at the same organization. Our paths crossed in the wealth banking sector, making it easy for us to find common ground. But our similarities didn't end there.

Ryan's career has been anything but linear. He has explored various roles, eventually finding his calling in entrepreneurship in his late twenties—an industry I deeply admire. His ventures were not just fleeting experiments; they led him to redefine his family's legacy, a unique helpers agency named "Master Employment Agency", providing essential services to parents and the elderly, addressing critical needs in young family development. Additionally, Ryan founded the “Mommies Community Deals,” supporting young mothers—a testament to his commitment to community and support.

Our catch-up revealed the tough transition from employment to self-employment. Ryan candidly shared the challenges of juggling multiple roles to finance his business until it was stable, sacrificing sleep and personal time in the process.

When I asked if he regretted any part of his journey, his response was filled with pride. Despite the obstacles, he cherishes his achievements, crediting his creativity and hard work over traditional paths.

It's challenging to carry on a family legacy, especially when striking out on your own with innovative ideas. I'm thrilled that Ryan has joined RewindConnect, a non-profit community aimed at supporting small businesses collectively to success.

If Ryan's story intrigues you, we invite you to connect with us. Meet entrepreneurs like Ryan, whose spirit of challenge and innovation goes beyond the conventional 9-5 hustle. Be inspired by stories of courage and creativity from outside your current perspective.


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